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Customer Delight is the Key!

Vivek Shukla

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Identify the Expectations

To be a successful customer-oriented organisation, the hospital must look at the expectations that its customers have from the various ‘points of contacts’. A point of contact is the place or the department that a customer is likely to interact with while undergoing the experience of visiting a hospital. A few points of contacts are the security guard, doctor, receptionist, lab technicians and lift man, while non-human points of contacts are the hospital brochure and air conditioning. The customer’s experience with each of the point of contact would culminate into a bright, dull or neutral experience at the hospital.

An exemplary case study in this regard is GNRC Hospital in Guwahati. The organisation has come up with an additional pleasant surprise for their customers at each of its points of contact. For instance, their parking facility has everything that a customer expects from a parking area in a large hospital. However, the surprise element is disclosed when the customer comes back to take his car. He finds that the car has been cleaned and wiped! The windshield is shining and spotless.

Customer Delight as a Strategy

If you are able to delight your customers, you will be the invincible leader in your target market. Customer delight goes beyond filling up the customer feedback forms. It goes to the extent of calling them up after they have left your hospital. Your senior consultant will have to remember the name and other such details of the patient when he comes for a repeat visit.

Moreover, it is not easy to replicate the Herculean effort of providing delight at every step of the service experience. You can certainly stand apart from the rest of the crowd if you are able to put the pieces in place before anyone else.

Importance Of Internal Marketing

Any attempt to manufacture customer delight will fall flat on its face, unless you win over your own people. Ultimately, it is the staff at any hospital along with the doctors who will be going that extra mile to bring a smile to the customer’s face. A hospital which aims to become a delight provider must plan an effective internal marketing programme.

  • It invariably works if the top management leads by example. If they walk the talk and set an example along with the senior doctors, others will not be far behind.
  • Generous rewards must be given to the employees who demonstrate their commitment by going that extra mile. Everyone in the organisation should be made aware about the good deeds and the rewards.
  • Internal newsletters and bulletins will also go a long way in creating a culture where exceeding customer expectations is the norm.

- The writer is a Healthcare Marketing Consultant based at Dharamshala, Himachal Pradesh
[email protected]

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