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Nocturnal Emissions

Professor Dr. R. Y. Jalali, PhD

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The discharge of semen through the penis during sleep is called nocturnal emissions. That is the result of erotic dreams. Their alternative and most common names are wet dreams, night falls and night emissions.

Nocturnal emissions begin during puberty when body starts making major hormones. Women have also wet dreams. They become sexually aroused in their dreams and vaginas become lubricated. But there are fewer evidences of wet dreams in the women. These are most common in the men because the penis of a man gets more physical touch and stimulation during sleep than clitoris of a woman.

When the night emissions occur, the young men are shocked. Because they think it is the result of sexual disorder. They read brummagem literature about sex and consult quacks for answers and treatment. Misinformation creates many sexual problems. And the erroneous treatment by quacks damages the kidneys, liver, heart and lungs and sometimes may cause death. Their fraudulent medicines especially herbal medicines also kill the sperm cells. And the man becomes infertile. In addition, their inaccurate treatment and counseling originate mental disorders.

The young men should be aware that night falls twice or thrice a week, are quite normal. There is no physical and mental harm of them. They do not require any treatment. Men, who masturbate, they have very little night falls. And some men, who are indulged in this practice, have never wet dreams because they discharge often.

If someone has numerous nocturnal emissions in a week, he should not worried. He should think about his lifestyle and food. The risk factors of numerous night emissions could be the following:

  • To think about sex often.
  • To read sexual literature.
  • To watch naked movies and pictures.
  • To avoid exercise and morning walk.
  • To sleep just after the meal.
  • Dyspepsia.
  • Worms in the abdomen.
  • To eat spicy, oily and roasted foodstuffs.
  • To wear tight under garments.

Now, I suggest here some guidelines as remedy for numerous nocturnal emissions:

  • The thinking should be positive.
  • Avoid eating oily, spicy and roasted foodstuffs, especially all types of meat.
  • Eat the whites of eggs and avoid eating yolks.
  • Eat more vegetable and fruit.
  • Drink abundance of water daily.
  • There should be at least two hours interval between meal and sleep.
  • Sleep eight hours during twenty-four hours.
  • Urinate before sleeping.
  • Get treatment if you are suffering from constipation or worms in abdomen.
  • Don’t wear tight under garments, especially at night.
  • Light exercise and morning walk is recommended.

If anybody follows the above guidelines, he would get positive results. But it is important that he should consult the Sexologist (Who specialized in Clinical Sexology). In the light of sign and symptoms of nocturnal emissions, the Sexologist would decide that what kind of treatment and awareness is required for patient to get well soon.