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Noise Pollution and Health

Prabhat Kumar, Kailash Sharma, F.A. Ansari

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Control Methods:

(1) Educate the people about noise health hazards is the best way to control noise pollution.

(2) Implementation of law which provide different rules for regulating different kind of noise.

(3) School, colleges , Hospitals etc. situated in noisy places should construct a noise free zone around their premises.

(4) There should be a complete ban on loudspeakers and noise producing activity during sleeping hours.

(5) Modifying the present procedure and practices in order to control noise.

(6) Sound insulators, isolators, silencers etc, should be used in order to minimize noise.

(7) Noisy horns should completely banned.

(8) Industries should used noise control devices or methods.

(9) Plant trees, shrubs etc. around residential building to absorb traffic noise.


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Prabhat Kumar, Kailash Sharma ,
Department of Chemistry, University of Lucknow, Lucknow.
email: [email protected]
F.A. Ansari – Industrial Toxicology Research Center, Lucknow

Department of Chemistry, University of Lucknow, Lucknow. F.A. Ansari - Industrial Toxicology Research Center, Lucknow

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