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Reactive Person or Responsive Person?

Mukesh Mehta

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My Choice to develop MYSELF.

Reactive Person:

Reactive Person behaves like soda bottle – Think what happens when we open the lid.
Hear Sounds: Fizzing and Bubbling which finally settles down. They have a inbuilt pressure from inside which pushes them to unpleasant situation because of impulsive choices they make. It is because of their irrational behaviour they create problems for them. They erupt like a volcano as they cannot control themselves and have little idea about the consequences or have not given enough time to thinking, training their mind.

When we are reactive we do not have any control over our own language, behaviour and actions. [mind]

Animals are controlled by us as their remote control is in our hand.

Reactive Person wrongly exercises their choice as their mind is not trained to respond or is not aware about such processes. Hence they land up in more trouble for themselves and create problems for others also. For them it means the remote control remains in others hand.

They generally speak the following statements:
You ruined my day, You made me angry, Because of you I have to…
There is nothing I can do… I CAN NOT

Responsive Person:

Responsive Person would think being Proactive – He thinks Positive. It is very difficult to become one but one needs to develop these skills. They are calm, cool and in control.

They never let others ruin their day. They try to achieve control over language, behaviour and actions.

They will try not giving remote in others hands and controlling their destiny. They will not allow others control, moods and actions. They will assert for their choices. It is their choice to be angry, irritated and frustrated. They can make better choices based on values and best options available to them. They think before they act..They have realized that they cannot control everything or anything-but can control their actions and reactions with the positive attitude.

They speak: I am responsible for every action not anybody else.
I CAN DO BETTER. I TRY TO CHOOSE Better options and choice.
So, Think and ACT friends make your life simple.

Do remember the Reality-People-Situation-Life controls our behaviour.

Arise, Awake, and stop not till the goal is reached said Swami Vivekananda.

Mukesh Mehta
BAGH (Bhailal Amin General Hospital)
Baroda, 9426302001

Facilitator,BAGH (Bhailal Amin General Hospital), Baroda, 9426302001