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Small Incision Cataract Surgery (Non Phaco SICS)

Dr. P. Mishra

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Non phaco small incision cataract surgery is useful in all types of cataract. It has contributed considerably to accelerated wound healing and minimisation of hospitalisation. The technique we advocate here is neither phaco-fracture nor phaco-sandwich, the nucleus is delivered by means of a microvectis, which is very simple procedure as it does not require bimanual technique. This tunnel cataract surgery is inexpensive, phacoless, relatively easy, repeatable and can be performed for any type of cataract from childhood to rock hard nuclear cataract. The wound is more secure with reduced intra-operative complications and virtually no chance of expulsive haemorrhage. Childhood cataract is much easier as there is no nucleus and in no time chamber collapses during surgery. One could achieve faster and satisfactory visual rehabilitation without added cost of phaco.This is indeed a safe and effective technique of sutureless cataract surgery in the hands of experienced surgeons. Considering the low cost and rapid visual recovery, we recommend this simple technique for all types of cataract in the developing countries.

Fig.5:  A/C formed with air bubble following lens implantation

Fig.5: A/C formed with air bubble following lens implantation, note: modified pocket tunnel.


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Dr.P.Mishra, M.S. (Ophth),
Fellow Retina Foundation
Professor of Ophthalmology
Annamalai University-608002
e mail: [email protected]

Fellow Retina Foundation, Professor of Ophthalmology, RMMCH, Annamalai University-608002, Tamilnadu

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