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Ten Essential Guidelines for Hospital Administrators

Rev. Dr. Percival J. Fernandez

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Always have a positive presumption about People! [I]

Always presume that people working with or under you are basically good. They have a lot of potential in them. All that you have to do is help them to channel their talents and energies. Douglas McGregor called this YTheory. Never be a X Theory person, who presumes that people are basically lazy and have to be watched carefully to do the correct thing! Your Y or X attitude toward others can make a big difference to your ability to get things done through them. The more ‘Y’ oriented you are, the more opportunities you provide those working with you and under you to GROW, and the more grateful they will be to you for giving them a chance to grow!

Respect Everyone! [II]

Remember that every individual is precious in the eyes of God, whose masterpiece every individual in fact is. God does not create thrash. Our inability to respect others is indicative of our inability to respect God, and of making ourselves little Gods of our own! Look at your own feelings: Spend some time in quiet and come to the realization that you too quietly demand that people respect you as somebody, as a person. Don’t you? This feeling is global. Everyone wishes to be respected for what he or she is, and this perception of theirs is correct, because everyone of us is respectable! Once your colleagues and your subordinates realize that you are a person who respect others, their whole attitude toward you changes for the better! They too will begin to respect you and not only you, but your ideas and plans too!

Be open to be influenced by your subordinates! [III]

One of the difficult things for a Hospital Administrator is to give weightage to the ideas of his/her colleagues and subordinates. Research findings indicate that the more a Leader shows his/her ability to be open to the suggestions and ideas of those whom he/she leads, the more acceptable and respected the Leader turns out in their sight! This is so, because all of us have an innate feeling that we can have good and worth-while ideas. Such feelings are best respected, because an attitude such as this strengthens the hands of the Administrator in several ways.

When angry, upset or tense, do not take any decision! [IV]

When one is angry, upset or tense, one is temporarily insane. This is so because sanity is the ability to use your mental faculties normally. Research has clearly indicated that when a person is angry, upset or tense that person is unable to use his/her mental faculties normally!

A Hospital Administrator has to keep this principle in mind all the time. As his/her administration involves a multifaceted interests, and concerns personnel who are trained in different areas of health care, the danger of not doing things in the way the Administrator wants them to be done is always present, thus causing a sort of irritation and even anger at the ‘impossible’ person he/she has to handle. CAUTION! When you are angry or upset, NEVER take a decision. NEVER utter a word! Be quiet. Withdraw yourself for a while. Time is a great healer, remember. The Hospital is not going to be closed by what has just been done wrongly, nor is the world going to come to an end because of that particular happening! Relax! Postpone your decision for the next day or for the next week! You will be amazed how things change, and how your mind functions totally or partially differently from the way it would have acted otherwise!

Auxiliary Bishop of Bombay and Secretary General, CBCI

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