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Ward Management

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  1. Provides Quality nursing care.
  2. Supervises cleanliness and maintenance of ward.


The implementation of overall plan for nursing department provides for establishment of a number of units of wards. So the process of administration must enter into these wards.

Objectives of Ward Management:

  1. To provide highest quality nursing care for patient.
  2. To provide a clean, well ventilated environment for patient and protect him from infection, accidents and hazards.
  3. To help the staff in achieving highest degree of job satisfaction.
  4. To provide facilities to meet the needs of patient and their attendants.

Components of Ward Managements:

  • Patient care.
  • Personnel Management.
  • Supply and equipment.
  • Environment Cleanliness.
  • Interpretation of policies and procedures.

A) Patient Care:

This include all activities necessary to provide nursing care

  1. Concerned with comfort and well being of every patient.
  2. Assessment of patients need and planning or care.
  3. Concerned with carrying out of medical treatment.  Helping physician in carrying out procedures, preparing equipment for assisting physician with diagnostic tests and therapeutic measures.  Giving medicine and carrying out treatment, observing patient for any untoward reaction following treatment and making necessary measures to combat them.
  4. Concerned with education of Staff Nurses (incidental and planned), concerned with patient and relatives about maintaining and improving his health and to carry out his treatment when he goes home.

B) Personnel:

Assignment of personnel for patient care Staff Nurses can be given assignment according to patient i.e. patient assignment or it can be functional assignment. 

It is responsibility of ward sister to take ward round.  Ward round is a tool of super vision, evaluation and teaching.  Ward round is of different types.

  • Doctor round
  • Matron round
  • Ward sister round

Doctor Round:

Two essential figures at a ward round are Doctor and nursing sister.  It is no way necessary for ward sister to feel inferior to a doctor when he comes to her ward as her function is that of coordinating team which function for the benefit of patients.

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