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Wound Healers to Wounded Healers

Anil Kumar

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26/2/6, 6.30 PM – Resident doctor assaulted by patient’s relatives for informing about a mandatory post-mortem
27/2/6, 8.00 pm – Resident doctor manhandled by relatives on being asked to keep their chappals out of delivery room 27/2/6, 11.30 pm – Resident doctors abused and threatened for life for denying an unindicated politically motivated admission to ward

Year 2005, 260 doctors admitted in their own hospitals w ith hepatitis, malaria, dengue & leptospirosis over a year.

‘Are doctors justified in going on strike?’ is a common question doing rounds these days. The most obvious response from everyone seems to be ‘Of course not, they must save patient’s lives!’

But there is a 25 year old who stays on call 24 X 7, works 20 hours a day returns to a 10 X 10 room, shared amongst six other equally tired doctors, all fighting for the coveted two beds, the unlucky ones having to sleep on stretchers in the ward for want of space.

The unmarried ones are lucky; they fight for themselves, the married ones become gladiators for their families.

Here is a 30 year old who dares marry for want of space, privacy, financial stability and time with extended duties reaching upto 36 hours at a stretch. He has no life beyond the confined of the hospital, stuck for months together in intensi ve care, not having seen daylight.

Nothing seems to be enough. Not that he has buried his face in his books since 10 years of age till date; not that he has passed from the best schools and colleges; not even the fact he has graduated from the top medical colleges to work in the best hospitals in India, away from the cozy comforts of his home.

He is told that he is the cream of the literate society. And here is the cream of your society being slapped on the face for working hard in a place where tempers fly high and emotions cross all limits; with inefficient security in the form of few guards who reach the scene after the harm is done.

We doctors, aren’t on strike to let our patient die; in fact we are on strike so that we can get protection for our life; a right which is the basis of democracy.

So here we are, having put everything in our lives at stake for the society and are now forced to put down our only asset  ‘our dignity’.

We are simply asking the authorities to make manhandling of medical professionals on duty a non-bailable offence

We are not looking for sympathy, we demand empathy for our cause. Can the society justify that these doctors, who save their lives, be taken by their collars by the mob?

We are literally wounding our souls to heal others, meanwhile being stripped of our dignity.

Just give us back our dignity to safeguard this special journey called life.

Doctors from Maharashtra Association of Resident Doctors, MARD

Note: Doctors’ strike – Pl. spread the word if u feel for them.

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