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Yoga for Lower Back Pain

Dr.V. P. Aralikatti, B. Sc. BAMS. Y,T,T,C

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Yoga is neither magic nor miracle. It is nothing but discipline, sincerity, and above all positive thinking and self confidence. So yoga is not for the show, it is totally for the self.

Regular practice of yoga can give sound health, peace of mind and power of concentration. A contribution of these three is enough to get anyone to reach his/her aim.

“It is never too late, it is never too bad, you are never too old, you are never too sick to start from scratch.”

How it works:

How can yoga work for you? If this question can be answered in one word it would be “awareness”. Awareness of self, awareness of your own body and all its areas, and awareness of thoughts, words, action and decisions. These are some of the questions that yoga can answer for you.

Thoughts and observances for yoga practice:

Allow 3 to 4 hours gap after a meal, depending on the heaviness of the meal before yoga session 30 minutes after a light meal or snacks Wear light comfortable clothing Respect the place of practice, keeping it clean in order to build up positive energy Co-ordination of breath and movement is of extreme importance. It is the connection between body and mind, so always breathe with keen awareness Learn to adjust yourself, thinking with awareness of each part of your body and then adjusting it. Think about the transition between asanas. The beauty is more in the journey than in the destination. Be meditative. Always connect the mind to what you do with the body. Never skip Shavasana. Let your body cool down, so that you can preserve all that energy that you created in yourself through yoga practice.


  1. wrong posture.
  2. wrong working pattern
  3. using the high healed chappals
  4. trauma and obesity.

Commonly, we can say the back pain or low back pain for any kind of the pain in back, but it is having a lot of variety in the type. viz slip disc, herniation of disc, sciatica e.t.c.

But what ever the disease may be, the line of treatment in the yoga is same, but the asanas are differant for each cause.


  1. shavasana
  2. bhujangasan: it helps in the toning of the vertebral muscles.
  3. shalabhasan
  4. dhanurasana
  5. ustrasana
  6. trikonasana and their variations will help in lbp.


  1. It helps in the toning of the vertebral muscles.
  2. it also helps to bring the normal posture to the body
  3. it gives the flexibity the body.
  4. it pulls the slip disc to the normal position.

Contraindication of asana: all forward bending asana’s

Conclusion: if treated with the yoga and ayurveda, you will get good results.

Dr.V. P. Aralikatti B.Sc. BAMS. YTTC