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"Holistic approach for patient satisfaction"- An innovative experiment at AIMS

Dr. Sanjeev Singh

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The last few decades have witnessed fast economic growth and rapid urbanization in developing countries; this along with technological advances, including revolution in information technology worldwide has led to increased demands and new expectations of patients. Now increasingly knowledgeable patients armed with the information from media as a well as guidelines developed by health planners confront physicians with the expectation of quality care of highest standards. With technological innovations in medical field, patients have become so much obsessed and dependent on the technology that understanding the patient, his feelings and emotions has become a thing of the past. The sense of the growing gap between what patients want and what general practioners perceive as important has resulted in increased dissatisfaction of patients with the health care system.

The claim for the measure of satisfaction may be final common pathway for all health care outcomes. Over a life time, patient expectations of health care may change dramatically. Some patients may place more emphasis on technical competence where as others; fulfillment of personal needs, comfort, dignity and supportive services will be of paramount importance.

Understanding how things look through the patient’s eye should be central part of any quality improvement programme. Patient satisfaction is sometimes treated as an outcome measure i.e. satisfaction with health status following treatment and sometime as a process measure, i.e. satisfaction with the way in which care was delivered.

At Amrita Institute of Medical Sciences, satisfaction ratings reflect three variables:

  • The personal preference of the patient in center of excellence
  • The patient’s expectations
  • The realities of the care received

About the Institution:

Inspired by her holiness Mata Amritanadamayi Devi, Amrita Institute Of Medical Sciences (AIMS) brings together a dedicated team of physicians, nurses and other health care professionals to provide the highest standard of medical treatment and compassionate care at affordable cost. They provide in a class healing environment for maximum patient comfort.

AIMS is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to establishing a center of health care of excellence and improving the well being of the community through quality programs of preventive medicine, medical education, and research. It is dedicated to establish patient friendly approach and is committed to reach out to community. Being 92% occupied each day reflects that patients are satisfied and their feedback is valued.

One dissatisfied patient who leaves a health care facility can result in the loss of $238,018 in income over the lifetime of the practice. 1

Companies that have successfully satisfied all their client groups have increased sales by an average of 682%. 2

Missed appointments directly affect practice efficiency and the bottom line.

More than 200 Texas physicians who have never been sued for malpractice credit their flawless records to positive patient relations. 1

Sr. Medical Administrator, AIMS

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