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"Holistic approach for patient satisfaction"- An innovative experiment at AIMS

Dr. Sanjeev Singh

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Out Patient:

The workflow of the out patient dept. has been designed to make consultations faster, simpler and as stress free as possible. As soon as the patient enter the hospital " May I Help You" desk employees greet them and guide them to the right counter.

OPD registration acts as a triage point, manned by trained nursing staff, who listen to patient complaints and directs them to the concerned department. Custodial staff escorts each patient to respective departments by wheel chair/ trolleys.

OP’s are uniquely designed, where all ancillary departments are present adjacent to the waiting areas, hence unnecessary movement and valuable time is saved. Phlebotomy, Pharmacy and Finance billing, revisit appointment fixation, complete information to call back in case of an emergency, contacting patient movement services for comfortable escort to patients or arranging for an ambulance / taxi, can all be done at a single point in OP. A smoothly flowing appointment schedule minimizes waiting time and is a significant ingredient in our recipe for patient satisfaction and successful practice.

We accomplish the smooth flowing schedule (waiting time 5-10 mins) by:

  • Not taking walk in appointments
  • Leaving room in the schedule throughout the day for emergency call ins
  • Allotting visit time according to the complaint
  • Communicating to the patient the expectation that they must be on time
  • Communicating clearly to the staff, the commitment to time schedule and gaining their cooperation
  • Cross training all the staff to ensure maximum efficiency.

Referral letter is generated to the referring general practioner’s with complete treatment information about the patient to maintain continuity of care.

Medical Social workers are present in all Ops where they conduct individual counseling sessions as well as group sessions, formulating self-help group for chronic cases.

Educational resources such as video libraries and computer kiosks, interactive hands on educational displays, health and wellness classes and support groups provide information about illness and the therapeutic interventions designed to promote healing by Health Educator.

A fully networked and computerized hospital information system helps investigation reporting, prescriptions, scheduling, report generation and dispensing faster and hassle free.

Inpatient department

Physical facilities (décor, displays, cheerfulness of the facility) have been given importance in design at Amrita. Patient’s surroundings, ambience, natural lighting, ventilation and windows overlooking beautiful landscapes are also a patient satisfier. 3

There is a nursing station outside each cubicle for immediate response to patient complaints. There is Pre op and Post op segregation of patients and isolation rooms for multi drug resistant isolates and communicable diseases. Appropriate care is also taken to improve the accuracy of drug administration using at least two patient identifiers


Committed and dedicated service oriented and professionally competent faculties have been appointed and they spend reasonable amount of time connecting with each patient as a human being.

Each floor has a Nursing Supervisor to supervise nursing and medical side of patient complaints and Floor coordinators promptly attends to the general or non-medical patient grievances. Regular nursing audits are performed in order to keep nursing competitive and up to date.

Well-trained physiotherapists attend patients at the bedside; dietary staff suggests therapeutic and non-therpeutic diets and counsels patients according to medical illnesses. Daily billing is practiced for all IP patients to maintain transparency in billing patterns, which makes patients/ bystanders comfortable to keep track of expenses.

Intensive Care units are well equipped, spacious and have comfortable waiting room. Each interventionist and intensive care nurse has been given special training on communication skills. Secluded counseling rooms are provided where briefing of family members takes place if necessary by the team of treating physicians, intensivists, nursing staff and MSW. The interventionist briefs treatment plan and progress of the patient to the attendant daily, in presence of treating nurse and MSW, which helps bystanders to get timely feedback.

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