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"Holistic approach for patient satisfaction"- An innovative experiment at AIMS

Dr. Sanjeev Singh

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All patients who are terminally ill and are under “no active resuscitative measure” needs to shifted to Palliative Care location, where palliative care team attends to them. In this cubicle extra attendants are also allowed to be close to the patients. Chronic care patients are also shifted to the chronic high dependency unit and are managed by a specially trained critical care team.

Laboratory and Imaging service provides a rapid and comprehensive analysis of investigations recommended by physicians. Automated workflow, bi-directional interfacing eliminates errors in operation and increases the speed of analysis and reporting, thereby reducing waiting time. Reports are viewed at all terminals, reducing paper transactions and traffic in the hospital.

There is a department called Patient services, which provides financial aid to patients who are unable to afford investigations or treatment. The patients are selected according to the recommendation of doctors. There is a well developed system to assess the patient’s paying capacity and deserving are provided 100% free treatment. For the past 7 years, more than 50,000 patients have been benefited for multiple major surgeries and medical treatment in the hospital. The institution has given several crores of rupees annually for diagnostic evaluation, procedures and treatment of poor and down trodden.

All the faculty members follow discharges under discharge process planning protocol. A very comfortable discharge lounge has been established since the hospital always has a crisis owing to high turnover. Most of the discharges leave by 11am, f or those who are unable to leave at that time, patients can wait comfortably at Amrita Discharge Lounge. The Lounge is staffed with a team of healthcare professionals who can help with scheduling follow-up appointments, filling prescriptions, discussing home-going instructions, and when necessary, arranging transportation. 4

Follow up of patients are followed by phone or emails each week to update the treating physician on how treatment plan is working. Some of the departments also send health tips and give contact numbers of the office for any emergencies

AIMS audits patient feedback regularly to overcome barriers between disciplines, departments and organizations and continually emphasize to the staff to make changes for keeping patient satisfied.


They bridge the gap between consultants and patients/ attenders. They take care of preventive, curative, rehabilitative and punitive phases of health. MSWs help patients to cope with the social problem and enable patients to lead a satisfying life to the best of his capacity. They also assist patients and families to understand, accept and follow medical recommendations. They explore values and make a connection with every patient, and find out how their problems affect their day-to-day lives, or how they have approached their problems and what their results have been.

Emergency Care:

Our emergency transport service with mobile intensive care units and transport team provides services, 24hrs a day transport to critically ill patients from outlying hospital. We have a 24/7 emergency medicine center, staffed with highly skilled paramedics, emergency specialist physician and trained nurse with almost zero waiting time at casualty.

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