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"Holistic approach for patient satisfaction"- An innovative experiment at AIMS

Dr. Sanjeev Singh

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Disaster Management Programme:

As a commitment to reach out to community and serve the unfortunates struck by disaster, an organized plan is executed to provide medical aid in remote areas. The response has been appreciated and acclaimed in Gujarat Earthquake; Tsunami affected coastal belt and Mumbai floods, etc.

Palliative Care:

In this era of technologically sophisticated medicine, matters relating to the care of the terminally ill receive little or no attention. Patients for whom curative treatment is not possible are largely left on their own and treated as medical failures. The dept. in Amrita is headed by the pioneer with a team of doctors dedicated to their care. Terminally and chronically ill patients and patients who cannot afford to come to the hospital for treatment or follow up are managed by Home care team. Team is manned by Palliative care doctor, Nurse, MSW, Health educator and daily visits 10 patient in an around 35 km of the hospital campus.

Community outreach

All patients discharged from the hospital are asked to follow up at community hospital (providing primary and secondary care) or Hospice/ Palliative center established in various districts. For health related issues, unique to old people, Geriatrics dept employs an interdisciplinary team approach to take care of the patients. The team focuses on preventive aspect as well as improving the functional status and quality of life of patients.

Holistic Medicine:

Offering multiple opportunities to learn about illness and try Indian System of medicine along with modern medicine generates more active participants in providing holistic care. Hospital offers equal opportunities for patients to opt according to their informed judgement.

There are daily visit of team of counselors and volunteers in every location of the hospital, in order to respond to patient’s call. External landscapes, public conveniences, bhajans and prayers soothe patients and help create a serene and healing environment.


Developing strong patient relationships with high level of satisfaction is challenging but it is a realistic goal. The lessons learnt provide fresh insight into our approach with patient handling and lead us to a greater understanding of patients needs and increasing expectations.

Majority of our physicians have confirmed in Amrita that patient satisfaction pays, economically and clinically. It solidifies loyalty and compliance, attracts new patients and can improve practice productivity and efficiency. We believe that quality service is not a fad but a long-term reality that directly affects medical care, patient outcome, and the success of institution.


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Dr. Sanjeev Singh,
Sr. Medical Administrator, AIMS

Sr. Medical Administrator, AIMS

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