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Accelerated Opioid Detoxification

Dr. Sanjay Arora, M.D.

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It is time to say good bye to the old traditional techniques of de-addiction and welcome to the world class technique of opoid detoxification called A.O.D.known as Accelerated Opioid Detoxification. We recognize that opiate dependency is a physical disease, one that can be overcome by utilizing advanced medical techniques. Traditional detoxification programs have a success rate of less than ten percent after the first year. These statistics are even grimmer two years after treatment. Thanks to the trailblazing A.O.D. Method patients have a greater than seventy percent chance of successfully recovering from their opiate physical dependency. This is achieved through the use of medication, including anesthetic agents and allows withdrawal to occur throughout the procedure while patient is unconscious. In South East Asia we introduce this detoxification method for the first time which is useful in the management of Opioid Group of substances like Smack, Opium, Bhang, Charas, Ganja, Bhuki, Marijuana, Buprenorphine, Injection Fortwin, Cap.Proxyvon, Corex, Phensedyl etc. By A.O.D. patient gets rid of Addiction without being aware of withdrawal symptoms in just less than 6 Hours. Here are some salient features of A.O.D.:

AOD treats addiction at receptor level.

AOD effectively reverses the physical and psychological aspects of opiate dependency with minimal or no discomfort during and after procedure.

AOD allows immediate recovery.

AOD does not cause any side effects, which are very common with the traditional methods.

AOD offers Quick painless Detoxification that commit patients to abstain from addiction for longer periods with minimal relapse rate.

All medicines used in AOD are FDA approved. After treatment patient has to take One Tablet a day at least for 10 months. Main reason to give one tablet is to block the receptors in the brain. Consequently it blocks any opioid from entering the brain receptors.

The AOD process must therefore be undertaken under the close supervision of trained Mental Health Professional.

This Procedure is not for Non Specialized Settings. At the A.O.D. centre, we are committed to our patients on both a professional and personal level. Our expert medical staff treats patients with the highest level of respect, dignity and confidentiality. People from all walks of life are treated compassionately and without judgment. Following treatment, patients are able to reclaim their lives – free from a debilitating physical dependency and free to move forward towards a more positive future. I look forward to hear from you in very near future.

Our center is usually open from 9 A.M. to 5 P.M. except Sunday’s. In the last I can only say that there is a hope beyond addiction.

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Good Luck and Best wishes, Sincerely,

Dr. Sanjay Arora