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Marketing Mantras - Conversion

Vivek Shukla

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I want to share with you a concept that I have used for some of my clients with success. Its called ‘conversion rate.’ This implies that there will always be some patients in the OPD who will get converted into admission/surgery when asked to. At the same time there will be others who will not get converted. The numbers and statistics pertaining to the numbers getting converted or not converted are important.

What will make people refuse or postpone admission when an expert is telling them that it is required for their own benefit?

A conversion rate of 80% may be excellent for a speciality and a rate of 40% may also be great for another speciality. You will need to benchmark. What is the rate that you are gunning for? If it is not being achieved, what is the reason? Most of the times there are two kinds of patients who do not follow the advice of the doctor. Either they are not fully convinced by what the doctor says and they want more time, or they are just too scared to go for surgery or admission at that time. Zeroing down on the reasons for the lower conversion is perhaps one of the most important exercises that a hospital or a doctor can undertake.

My invitation will be to start monitoring the conversion rate and finding out the ‘things to do’ so that the conversion rate goes up over the next few months.

Vivek Shukla

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