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Challenging Assumptions

Vivek Shukla

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Of late I have been realizing that no progress can be made without challenging assumptions. All the progress we have seen in the world is because of some human being having the courage to challenge the assumptions. He did not fear the ridicule or the mockery that other gave to him.

People always thought that the earth was flat. The ships would never go beyond a point as they thought that the ships would fall off the face of the earth. Columbus went all the way and discovered America.

When Wright brothers were inventing a machine that could fly in air, people ridiculed the idea. ‘Anything heavier than air can never fly,’ they announced. For people in that era it was logical too. But history proves otherwise.

An Olympic gold medalist and a legend in high jumping- Dick Fosbury was the first person to attempt a high jump with neck first technique. Needless to say that he too was mooted. He however broke the world record in Olympics by 3 inches.

I can go on and on. The point is, unless someone asks ‘Why’ again and again, there can be no progress. 18 th century philosopher Martin Heideger used the term- ‘Tranquilized obviousness’ to the condition I am talking about.

We live in tranquilized obviousness when it comes to marketing of hospital services. Any new idea is mostly out down by the logic- ‘It never happens that way,’ or ‘I have not seen anyone doing it that way so I don’ think it will work.’

This month, I would invite you to think over the various assumptions that you have taken for granted in your work. then ask the question ‘Why’ sufficient number of times. Ask it even it is uncomfortable and even if it seems stupid. I promise your view of your work will never be the same again.

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