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Aesthetic Surgery of Nose

Dr. Ashok K. Gupta

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  1. A 28 yr old female professional graphic designer came to us with a severe saddle deformity of the nose and alar flaring
  2. A 48 yr old male American mode; an ex boxer who had a punched up nose with bony deviation, fracture nasal septum and airway obstruction.
  3. A 38 yr old female lawyer approached us with mild saddling of the nasal bridge.
  4. A 20 yr old female with total hypoplasia of middle face, medial septum of nose. Tight skin cover and nasal lining came floor aesthetic correction of nasal bridge.
  5. A 34 yr old doctor of preventive and social medicine who got a septoplasty done in childhood for a deviated nasal septum presented with severe supra tip deformity, flaring of ala and overhanging tip.
  6. A 26 yr old Bengali gill presented with severe hypoplasia of the medial septum of the nose with poor definition of the nasal tip, a leftward deviation a short Columella and alar flaring.
  7. A 32 yr old female with post small pox marks presented for aesthetic correction of the saddle nose with overhanging tip and alar flaring
  8. A 28 yr case of mild binders syndrome Columella shortening
  9. A 40 yr old gentleman with thick skin and bulbous nasal tip came to us for tip Plasty and dorsal nasal augmentation using an ePTFE implant.


The aforementioned results and the authors tremendous experience with other autogenous and alloplastic material clearly reveals that ePTFE has presented a comfortable solution to subcutaneous augmentation needs on the nasal dorsum. Not only is it easily available, it is easy to sculpture and apply too. In patients where it is obligatory to use alloplastic material either for lack of donor site or massive augmentation e PTFE is making a mark.


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*Honorary Plastic & Microsurgeon.
Bombay Hospital & Medical Research Centre, Bombay
*Suite No. 16, II floor. Laud Mansion, 21 M. Karve Road, Bombay – 400 004

*Honorary Plastic & Microsurgeon.
Bombay Hospital & Medical Research Centre, Bombay
*Suite No. 16, II floor. Laud Mansion, 21 M. Karve Road, Bombay - 400 004

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