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Agenesis of Gall Bladder

Arun Kumar S. Bilodi and Chitra Sonekar

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A case Report on Absence (Agenesis) of Gall Bladder

Failure in the development of caudal foregut diverticulum results in agenesis of gall bladder. It occurs either as development phenomena or associated anomaly. The anomalies include anomalies of gastrointestinal tract, renal system & pancreas. In the present study a female aged about 25 years came to OPD with history of pain abdomen, fever, and body ache. Routine investigation was done which revealed anemia. But special investigations like ultrasonography & ERCP revealed absence of gall bladder. Oral cholecystogram revealed failure of gall bladder to opacify. Since the above study revealed agenesis or absence of gall bladder through special investigation, it is found to be one of the rare anomalies of gall bladder. Hence this case has been reported.

Nepalgunj Medical College, Chisapani, Nepal & Kohalpur Teaching Hospital, Kohalpur, Nepal.

*Nepalgunj Medical College, Chisapani, Nepal & Kohalpur Teaching Hospital*, Kohalpur, Nepal.