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Clinical engineers should be a part of medical equipment dept

Dr Narendranath V

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To organize an effective repair and maintenance service of bio-medical equipment in various hospitals of India, it is essential to have properly trained manpower. In western world there are well organized cadre of “Clinical Engineers” who are persons with engineering background and specialization in medical instrumentation and are responsible for the maintenance and proper functioning. Every hospital or group of hospital in the advanced countries has a clinical engineering unit that takes care of the biomedical equipment and systems in the hospital by undertaking routine and preventive maintenance, regular calibration of equipment and their timely repairs. Clinical engineers are thus an essential part of modern health care system and services.

Repair facility:

To maintain the biomedical equipment in perfect condition for excellent and optimum performance, it is necessary to organize an effective repair facility and workshop in the Indian hospitals maintained by clinical engineers. Every biomedical equipment should be routinely serviced, Calibrated and tested by Clinical Engineers and ‘OK’ certificate should also be given by clinical engineer before it should be used for patient testing. Management program:

The management must be from the view point of maximizing their correctness, uses and cost effectiveness. Optimization of the uses of bio-medical equipment and cost effectiveness is a very important aspect of the modern healthcare system. This can be achieved by employing latest management practices in this area of national importance. For instance, several computerized software have been devised as maintenance system in developed countries and are working successfully and profitably. Since conditions in India are not the same as in the developed countries we need to design our own database software and the maintenance/ management system computerized software program with objective of maximizing the efficiency, life and cost effectiveness of the systems in any Indian hospital.

Dr Narendranath V, MD
Hospital Administrator,
M S Ramaiah Hospitals, Bangalore

Hospital Administrator,
M S Ramaiah Hospitals, Bangalore

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