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Duties of Nurses

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E. Research Activities

  1. Participates in research activities within her ward after identification of needs.
  2. Conducts small scale research within her unit.

F. Reporting and recording Activities

  1. Maintains the Record/Report of each patients in her unit.
  2. Keeps up-to-date records of inventories confidential reports and leaves.
  3. Ensures that all patient’s records are written, clearly and completely.
  4. Ensures that all records are handed over to record section promptly.

G. Communication Activities

  1. Coordinates with staff as well as out side the institution and with agencies.
  2. Maintains good inter-personal relationship with staff and clients.

H. Counseling Activities

  1. Guides and does counseling to staff and patients as required in her unit.

I. Evaluative Activities

  1. Recommends Matron for her staff promotion and higher education
  2. Allows staff for self evaluation according to given evaluation Criteria.
  3. Evaluates the total nursing and non nursing activities in her unit.
  4. Gets feedback from clients for improvement of nursing care.
  5. Takes active participation in nursing audits.

Job description of Staff Nurse

Job Title: Staff Nurse

Place of Work: Hospital
Class/Level: Non Gazetted Class III

Qualification: R.N./R.M./BSc. Nursing Certificate in Nursing from recognized institutions.
Responsible to: Ward Sister, Assistant Matron and Matron.
Responsible for: ANM and supporting staff.


She is responsible to provide direct nursing care applying nursing
process. Supervises ANM and co-workers gives health education to patients/relatives and helps sister in ward management.


A. Clinical Activities

  1. Arrives in time and takes handover of patient bed to bed.
  2. Carries out assigned job given by sister/ward in charge.
  3. Plans and provides the basic care according to the priority needs of the patients.
  4. Prepares and takes round with Doctor.
  5. Caries out instructions appropriately, (collection of specimens investigations and medications etc.).
  6. Maintains personal hygiene of patient to prevent infection.
  7. Given medicine and injection in correct procedure e.g. transfusion E.V. infusion etc.
  8. Takes responsibility of admission and discharge of the patient.
  9. Conducts and manages safe delivery and does episiotomy if needed.
  10. Maintains interpersonal relationship with staff, patients, families and community

B. Administrative Activities

  1. Keeps adequate supplies (medicine, injection, linen etc.) and does inventory regularly.
  2. Keeps custody of drugs and maintains record of its administration.
  3. Checks all emergency drugs and equipments daily.
  4. Takes special attention about police case and absconded clients (medical, legal, dead body).
  5. Creates safe environment to prevent accidents in the ward.

C. Educative Activities

  1. Plans and provides health education to patients and relatives.
  2. Participates in in-service education programme.
  3. Helps students in learning activities.

D. Supervisory Activities

  1. Supervises and guides ANMs and Co-workers.
  2. Supervises patients and visitors for maintenance of health promotion.

E. Recording and Reporting Activities

  1. Reports Critical patient’s conditions promptly to the concerned person in verbal and written.
  2. Reports any absenteeism of staff.
  3. Records and reports nursing care, treatment, medicine correctly and promptly.
  4. Reports and records any losses and breakage in the unit.

F. Communication Activities

  1. Provides Psychological support to patient and relatives.
  2. Reports any incident to the concerned person.
  3. Gives orientation to patient and relatives about physical facilities, policy rules and regulations of the hospital.
  4. Participates in pre and post conference.
  5. Maintains good interpersonal relationship with patients’s relatives, sister, colleagues, co-workers and the department staff.

G. Research Activities

  1. Helps and participates in research activities.

Evaluative Activities

  1. Does self evaluation regularly.
  2. Evaluates patient’s condition and nursing care process.
  3. Assists sister in staff appraisal.
  4. Takes parts in students evaluation.

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