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Heat and Testis

Rima Dada, N.P. Gupta, K. Kucheria

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Radiant heat is detrimental to the male reproductive system (MRS). Teratoasthenozoospermia was observed in men exposed to high temperatures. The etiology of oligozoospermia and azoospermia is largely undetermined. Various occupational and environmental agents have been known to have deleterious effect on male reproductive function it is difficult to elucidate the role of a single agent because occupational exposure conditions are complex and various confounding factors related to lifestyle and stress also play a major role. Sperm motility is the best predictor of fertility and it depends on an intact sperm morphology. Though it has been reported that high testiculo-epididymal temperatures adversely affect spermatogenesis but very few reports are available on the type of morphological abnormalities. This paper reports the presence of increased number of sperms with morphological abnormalities and impaired motility in men exposed to high temperatures.

Department of Anatomy (Division of Genetics) Department of Urology, All India Institute of Medical Sciences, New Delhi.