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History and Concept of Sexology

Professor Dr. R. Y. Jalali, PhD

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Sexology is that branch of medical science, which deals with human sex, sexual behavior, the diseases pertaining to sex and cure.

The foundation of creation of universe was caused by sexology. All living things come into the circle of sexology. Otherwise reproduction of living things was impossible.

Almighty God when created universe, He created His first male mankind and prophet Adam. After creation when God looked the Adam, He said, My creation is not completed. Then with the command of God female human being ‘Eve’ was born from the rib of Adam. Because woman was born from the place entirely nearest to the heart of man, so the love was obligatory, and it is everlasting between male and female. The consequences of love are sex making. So the love and the sex are inseparable.

Adam and Eve both were living in the paradise. Because of sexual desire between them, God sent them on the earth. From the first day of creation, only the sexual emotions are authority in the background of thinking, attitudes, aptitudes, and all the activities of mankind.

Beside this, deliberate about the most confident angels of God, Haroot and Maroot. Their responsibilities were on the earth by order of God. Once they were passing through the streets of Babylon, they listened the voice of song and jingle of anklets of dancing a bell named ‘Venus’. They became so fascinated that they moved fast towards the palace of Venus where she was dancing. They reached there under the guise of beautiful young boys. They saw that Venus was dancing with the greatest blandishments. They fell in love with her.

After the dance, Venus asked them that they both seemed strangers and they came from where? Haroot and Maroot answered, ‘they are angels of God and believe in one God’. When Venus listened that, she was very much angry with them and she ordered them to leave her palace at once. She also told them that her religion is Fire-worship, and she did not like the followers of any other religion. Haroot and Maroot were so sentimental in her love that they performed prostration before fire. Although they knew the facts.

Now Venus was very kind for both angels, and angels were her devoted slaves. They taught numerous magic arts to their beloved Venus. They also provided training of black art for all Babylonians.

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