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History and Concept of Sexology

Professor Dr. R. Y. Jalali, PhD

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One day Venus said to Haroot and Maroot for recreational visit to skies. The obedient angels obeyed her order at once. Haroot, Maroot and Venus went towards the skies. When they reached on the third sky, they became targets of the wrath of God, owing to their blunder. Haroot and Maroot were hung inverted in the Babylon pit till the crack of doom. Venus was made static in the figure of Venus star as penalty. Now that is called goddess of love and beauty (Aphrodite). This all happened because of sexology.

For the systematic study of sexology at least we shall have to go back to the ancient Greece. The greatest Greek philosophers Plato and Aristotle were forefathers of sex research. They made extensive observations and offered detailed theories regarding sexual responses and dysfunctions; reproduction and contraception; abortion; sex legislation and sexual ethics.

Greek physicians like Soranus and Galeu advanced and systematized ancient sexual knowledge. Later Muslim scholars devoted their attention to many sexual problems, and offered adequate solutions. These studies had written in the Arabic. After a period the said studies were translated into various other languages and introduced in the world. These studies became standard texts for medical institutions.

In the nineteenth century research by Darwin, Mendel, Kaan, Morel, Magnan, Charcot, Westermarck and others laid the foundations of sex research in the modern. At the turn of twentieth century German dermatologist proposed the term ‘Sexualwissenschaft’ for understanding of sex. The term was first translated as ’ Sexual Science’. But this translation did not cover the sense of term. However the translation as ‘Sexology’ is most preferable. Sexology refers to the theoretical and practical studies of sex.

Indeed, the union of all other sciences; biology, anthropology and ethnology, philosophy and psychology, the history of literature and the history of civilization constitute sexology.

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