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Hitaahara: Balanced Diet in Ayurveda

Dr Manoj Virmani

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Unbalancing Diet:

The diet , which disturbs the balance among the body elements , is called Unbalanced diet. Certain times a physically balanced diet can also disturb the homeostasis. Unbalancing diet causes diseases on continuos indulgence.

Factors Responsible for Unbalancing Diet

The following factors turn a diet into unbalancing and unwholesome diet.

  1. Place of living (DESA)
  2. Season of intake (KALA)
  3. Quantity (MATRA)
  4. Natural quality (VIRYA)
  5. Recipient (UPAYOKTA)

    1. Digestive ability (AGNI)
    2. Type of intestine (KOSTA)
    3. Habit (SATMYA)
    4. Likening (HRIDAYA)
    5. Physiological state (AVASTHA)
    6. Gross pathological type (DOSA)

  6. Processing (SAMSKARA AND PAKA)

  7. Method of intake (UPYOGA SAMSTHA)

    1. order of intake (KARMA)

    2. Procedure of intake (VIDHI )

  8. Combinations (SAMYOGA)

Due to foregoing factors a diet turns against to the body elements. They excite certain body elements and will not allow body to expel, thus produce a persistent disturbance in the homeostasis. A prolong imbalance leads to disease.

The diet is divided into two types.

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  • Balancing diet maintains health

  • Unbalancing diet produces diseases.
  • Diet treatment:

    Any effort to correct the imbalance among body elements are restore the equilibrium is called treatment. Drugs , Food and Regimen are tools of treatment and diagnosis. Food has been given an equal share in treatment along with drugs. The perspective of diet in the treatment is evident with the following aspects of food and nutrition linked with treatment in ayurveda.

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