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Hitaahara: Balanced Diet in Ayurveda

Dr Manoj Virmani

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Dietary Etiology (Roga Karaka Ahara):

The causative factors for all the disease explained in ayurveda essentially consist a list of unbalancing foods. They are specially mention for each and every disease, in turn with the basic relation of food and disease.

Dietary prescriptions (Pathyam):

The treatment of every disease ends with suitable dietary prescription. There will be an essential restriction on diets, Which are the cause of the disease. The digestive capacity of the patient and state of disease are considered to prescribe a Balancing diet. It has been mentioned that a patient who strictly adopts dietary prescriptions will be able to cure himself spontaneously. Medicines accelerate the process. They are called Pathyam. Pathyam is defined as the diet, which is not harmful to the system, involved in pathology and liked by patient.

Medicated Diets (Ousadi Krita Ahara):

In order to enhance the acceptability of drugs prescribed in a disease various forms of diets have been considered as a media in Ayurveda. They are called as medicated diets.


  • Medicated Milk
  • Medicated Ghee
  • Medicated Soup
  • Medicated Gruel
  • Medicated Wines
  • Medicated Linctus
  • Medicated Condiment
  • Medicated Beverage

Remedial Diet or Food Recipes:

Treatment for certain ailments have been given in the form of simple manipulated foods without including the drugs. Such preparations are in fact an unexplored corner of Ayurvedic therapeutic nutrition.

For Example: Wheat (Godhuma)

  1. Wheat flour dry fried and added with sugar controls gastric acidity instaantly.
  2. Wheat flour fried in Ghee and cooked with milk and sugar promotes bone healing and provides nutrition to growing children.
  3. A bread or chapati made with unshifted wheat flour helps fee evacuation.

All the dietary items have been classified elaborately. Beside, their nutritional values, they are attributed with therapeutic benefits in Ayurvedic texts.


The foregoing basics and areas of clinical nutrition in Ayurveda evidently show the wider scope of subject. Any treatment is successful only when the nutritional care is given due importence. In the light of growing awareness for the hazardous effects of synthetic drugs, it is high time to explore and propagate the therapeutic nutritional aspects of Ayurveda for betterment of human living.

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