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How to make your child a super child!

Dr.TSJ Anandaram

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Every parent nowadays wishes their child to be among the best. Rather our parents thought the same way too!! Most parents, from the early age of a child, think their children should be doing things in their life, which they could not do in their own career life. In this effort most parents become too anxious. And in their anxiety they overdo (rather force would be the right word!!) things with the child beyond child’s potential.

Each child comes to this world with a set of genetic material which by stimulation with the environment leads on to development of overall personality of child. Each child is unique and has natural curiosity and learning potential. Parents need to realise this. But in their anxiety at times parents don’t realise this and at other times even if they realise, they follow their own mind set. So even though parents want to do the best things for their kids, unconsciously they lead on to restricting the child’s natural abilities and potential.

With both parents working in lot of households now and their expectations lead to focus mainly on education, which leads to limited skill development. As the education level raises child hardly gets any time to nurture their natural talent. Education in long run results to a fixed job and life after sometime becomes stereotyped and boring.

Further a person hardly thinks of any alternatives and prefer not take any risk due to their established patterns of thinking. This may result in various problems at different stages of life. There have been lot of reports coming up in last few years of children feeling more and more stressed, at times abusing drugs and becoming drug addicts and at times taking up a hard option of suicide. As a grown up person the above lifestyle may lead to a midlife crisis and life would seem to move like a bullock cart rather than a limousine!

So what should parents do? That’s a hard question with no answers, which are either totally right or totally wrong. But there are a few things, which parents can do to make their child a super child. I would call a child as ‘super child’ who has grown up in most areas of life including the social, academically, sports, building up relations and above all carries the positive outlook towards the life as a whole.

So following are few things depending on child’s age which parents may follow to make their child a super child!

First 2 yrs:

This is an important phase in child’s development. Lot of parents stop with feeding the child and taking care of basic needs. They think child would learn or grow by itself. That’s not true.

Child’s brain development depends on stimulation of his movements and senses. So there should be regular stimulation of listening (chiming bells, playing rhythmic tones of music, talking to child etc), Vision (moving things in front of child and stimulating eye movements). Gentle cuddling of the child all over the body and gently (remember gently!!) moving the arms, leg neck etc will all be of great use in brain development of your child. Remember this needs to be done on a regular basis. Even if you and your partner work during the day, make sure somebody does it. Of course, the child too gets tired, so do handle with care!!

Further its important to smile and show positive emotions (Faces, movements of body). You will see wonderful smile of your child, which will last throughout the life!!

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