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How to make your child a super child!

Dr.TSJ Anandaram

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Two to five years:

This is the phase of exploration for child. The child will run around and will try to explore the world with all its curiosity (Just think of any parent who do not scold their child as naughty for making him or her run behind. Dear parent remember that it only means two things. Your child is getting smarter than you and that you are aging!!)

Encourage child to touch as many things as possible and try and tell the name and purpose of particular object. Further take them to parks, make them run around and give expressions to their athleticism!! You will see the world’s best smile when you do that on your child’s face. Try and engage in interactive play with your child (like playing throw ball, catch me if you can game, sitting and playing toys etc).

From age of 3 years start teaching child few words and rhymes. Encourage questions of curiosity from the child and if the child points or asks about something, remember to give them a nice account of things. If possible give them a chance to experience it (I agree you just can’t take them to moon for now, but in future you may be!!)

Further recite as many stories as you can to the child. Some parents think that TV is the best learning material for children!!. Remember TV one-way interaction, in which the child just receives from that idiot box and soon child understands it to be not interactive. So, the time spent with your child is the best lifetime investment, may be better than gold, shares or property.

Six to seventeen years:

This is the golden period when you can achieve your expectations and also make your child talented. However parents fail due to two reasons. They focus only on studies and never show adequate encouragement in developing other skills. I do agree that from the Indian context, education is important (Otherwise you will not see so many successful Indians in all possible affluent countries in the world!). However it is essential to remember that other activities are also important to develop for your child to develop into a talented one.

Following are few steps you may follow to achieve that

  1. Encourage child to play with other children (This helps developing social skills, and competitiveness skills)
  2. Spend some time to teach child (Don’t trust the tuition teacher alone!). Make teaching more interesting by verbally rewarding the child
  3. Try and balance the studies and play. Make the play as positive reinforcement for studies they do. Also make child’s interest a reward depending on studies. Don’t be unfair to child by misbalance. Don’t make him study for 4 hrs and in reward allow play for only 15mins.
  4. What most parents do is to encourage only for studies and they leave children by themselves to play! Remember this is wrong! Whenever possible, go with the child and motivate him. Appreciate child’s performance and encourage to do well. This will lead your child into top gear and you will see the results, when you do it
  5. Always listen to your child and also encourage them to speak about their experiences in school and outside. This not only improves a child’s communication skills, but also the bonding with you (Remember then you don’t have to cribb and your child will listen to whatever you say!! Yes that is true!!)
  6. Never compare the child with another child and also never criticise in a negative manner. Try to be positive and appreciate even a small gain and that will motivate the child to perform better. Even criticism should be put in a positive manner and give them rewards (Cuddle, Sweets, visit to favourite place, favourite toy and so on!).
  7. If you find child interested in any particular extra curricular activities, try to encourage that and make him adopt that as an effective hobby.

Overall this makes your child optimistic and also self confident in long run. Remember it is not easy to do this, but the effort is definitely worth it!! (You will appreciate when your child grows up!!)

In short for making your child grow to its potential, spend more time with the child, try to provide them with adequate mix of education, play and adequate development of hobbies. It not only allows the child to work with motivation to achieve parental expectations but also helps your child to nurture its own talent and there by become a self-confident and an able person. Further by doing this you give your child two bright eyes to see this world in a different perspective!!

Dr.TSJ Anandaram

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