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Integrated Disease Surveillance Project - IDSP

Anil Kumar G

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Sentinel Surveillance:

  1. Sexually transmitted diseases HBV, HIV

Blood borne, others

Water Quality

Outdoor air quality

Regular periodic surveys

  1. (MCD risk factors) Anthropometry, physical activity, blood pressure, tobacco, diet etc,

State specific diseases:

Each state can include up to 5 diseases prevalent in this state.

Project activities:

  1. Training
  2. Development of standard operations manual and reporting formats
  3. Procurement of goods and services
  4. Development of software for disease surveillance
  5. Participation of private sector in IDSP
  6. Participation of Medical College in IDSP
  7. MCD risk factor surveillance

Administrative structure:

Central Level – National Disease Surveillance Committee

Central Surveillance Unit (CSU)

State Level – State Surveillance Committee

State Surveillance Unit (SSU)

District Level – District Surveillance Committee

District Surveillance Unit (DSU)

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